AP Tree Services
For specialist tree surgery in Warwickshire, call: 07969 146309
AP Tree Services
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Our Services:

Tree Felling & Dismantling

Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting


Hedge Cutting & Reducing

Woodland Thinning & Removal of Non-Native Trees

Site Clearance

Estate Grounds Management

24 hour Emergency Call Out

Tree FellingTree Felling & Dismantling

A.P Tree Services are sectional felling and dismantling experts. If you need to remove a tree for any reason, even in difficult to access areas, then A.P Tree Services specialise in felling or dismantling any tree, no matter how large or dangerous.

Removal of trees in restricted areas

We specialise in removing trees from restricted and difficult to access areas, including trees that overhang buildings or other obstructions. When a tree can't be felled because of restricted space, we dismantle the tree in sections.

We use a number of techniques to do this, including rigging equipment, ropes and if needed cranes to lower each cut section and branch to the ground.

For assistance and advice please call 07969 146309.